In every way, we can identify the shift into a different form of human consciousness: the beginning of development of the left hemisphere of the brain, writing, mathematics, dualistic thinking (also known as analytic or evaluative thinking), and hierarchical structures. As part of the left hemisphere development we also see the evolution of a strong individualized egoic consciousness, accompanied by a sense of separation from the Divine and a perceived need for redemption or for control over the inner and outer environments.

This is the era that has come to fruition and is ending, to be replaced by the seeding of a new era. In my experience during the Tennessee Diviner posture during the Masked Dance workshop, the people feasted on the fruit of the old era while Parrot threw the rotten fruit of the old era to the ground where it would nourish the seeds for the new cycles of time. In our Dance, miraculously created over a short three days, we honored the cycles of the past then drew down the blessings of the Stars, and with the help of nine goddesses, honored the new feminine World Tree, the Four Directions, the Earth and each other. Nine goddesses seemed a counterpart to the nine stages of consciousness or nine perspectives, identified by the Calendar are the Nine Underworlds created through nine consecutively activated layers of the iron core of the Earth. Those of you who know the Enneagram can appreciate my interest in further exploring the parallels between the nine Underworlds and the nine Enneagram domains.

The solar calendar tracks the passage of the sun, each 360 day cycles called a tun and 400 tun called a baktun. Thirteen baktun equal 5,200 years. The beginning of this most recent span of 5,200 years occurred, according to the Maya, when First Father raised the World Tree, separating the Earth from the Sky and creating the Four Directions: in other words, Space and Time began. We know, of course, that humans lived on the earth long before 3114 BCE, so what does it really mean that Space and Time began on this date? Calleman points out that around this time Egypt was unified into the First Dynasty, the first real nation made of joined groups or tribes. Sumerians, in present day Iraq, began the first use of abstract writing, the cuneiform. The oldest Egyptian pyramids and the oldest Sumerian pyramids date from this time, along with Stonehenge in England and Newgrange in Ireland. In Egyptian mythology, this was time when Set tricked his brother Osiris, setting off a long story that ended with the birth of Horus, the first human, and the departure of Osiris to the Sky World. In Hebrew mythology, this was about the time when Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden.

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